A Franco-Swiss border, farmers hit by Travellers

A Swiss farmer had to rethink a parcel, scheduled for intensive grass meadow with five harvests a year, to make sunflower. In Haute-Savoie, another farmer and mayor came under gunfire …

These are what journalists call trivia. But that impact the least important to the rural, to agricultural landscapes. It all started on a land owned by a French Switzerland (in fact, historically, the border has divided a single domain with one owner and land on both sides), there is a little over a month. The Friday before Easter Monday, about 40 caravans of Travellers settled on a private plot, agricultural. The farmer is headquartered Swiss side, the town of Veyrier, just in front of the Haute-Savoie, in Geneva.

In Switzerland, a field pollution by human waste

Called on the phone by WikiAgri Claude Rosset, the farmer in question, explains: “The plot, she was thoughtful to provide grass meadow This is an intensive, five harvests a year, mainly with alfalfa. . This herb helps me to feed a herd of twenty cows, who were 30 before, but I’m not going to increase again soon I also have vineyards and orchards. This herd is an extra, So with its consumption in grass. The problems posed by the arrival of gypsies are many. First, they stayed almost 15 days. The police had advised me not to complain because of the time, out of time, taken in righteousness. And also to negotiate with the Travellers on the day of their departure. Problem, they stayed longer than the six days scheduled. It took the threat of a forceful intervention of security forces for them to leave. Upon departure, I plowed the edge of my field so that they can come back. And I did well because, having been turned away, they tried to return. Then I inspected my field. Because of the many human waste, I inquired about the tapeworm, so manmade, he saw 8 months. So no matter graze the fear of disease transmission from animals, it has happened elsewhere. So I had to change my crops to sow sunflowers instead. And that, after having to make deep plowing, to fully bury the feces in question. And I will have to buy 100 bales of hay (note: at 250 kilos the haystack, at a cost of 30 Swiss francs per 100 kg, almost the same in euros). But even that is not simple. We have laws in Switzerland, no question of having a rotation with more than 33% sunflower. Now, I’m over, so I had to apply for and obtain a waiver, then it took prevent customs, because I had pre-declared herb crops and not of sunflower … Of course I did not have the equipment to deep plowing, nor even for the sunflower harvest a neighbor will come to my house. ”

On arrival so a big shortfall, administrative concerns, a land-use change and human pollution which only a farmer can get around …

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